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Kim And Kanye Threw A Coachella Themed Party For Their One Year Old, Called It "Kidchella" And It Looks Sweet

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I hate my life so much. North West is one year old and already had a better birthday than I’ve ever had. I mean everyone will rip Kim and Kanye because they’re easy to hate, but the fact of the matter is that this party looks sweet. You can have your little baby birthday parties with a dumb cake and maybe some balloons, the Kardashians will bring in a fucking theme park and have Kendall Jenner looking sexy as hell and Khloe Kardashian dressed like an indian. Their life is way, way better than yours. Hate if you want, but it looks awesome.



PS – Who the hell is that dude in the Kendall videos? I feel like he snuck in to this party or something.