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The Hot Dog Waffle Has Officially Put Everything About Fine Dining On Notice

The thing about dining in the year 2020 is that it's not enough anymore to just serve people food. You need to sell the customer on a story, you need to give the customer an experience. If you're not providing the customer with anything extra, then there's nothing stopping them from the convenience of just staying on their couch and ordering off of delivery apps. You look around some of the best restaurants in the nation and that's exactly what they're doing. Take 'Alinea' in Chicago, for example, where the dining experience there is just as much a magic show as it is a meal. They're serving dessert that floats. 

But if Alinea can get rated 3 Michelin stars, I see no reason why a restaurant serving the hot dog waffle can't receive the same. Let's watch it again just for fun. 

You want an experience? That is your experience right there. That's the meal that takes you directly into a time machine and brings you back to…well hopefully never. But it's like if you took the palette of a 5-year-old and combined it with every drunk and/or high idea you've ever had. You want a magic show to come along with each and every bite? Well congratulations, this beast of a meal just turned you back into a small child. And how about the flawless technique that goes into making this thing?

They always say that a paper clip is a chef's most important weapon. The paper clip to a chef is like the Gladius to a Roman soldier. Chef's knife? Irrelevant. Paring knife? Who needs it. A boning knife? Get real. As long as you have your trusty paper clip, you can get the job done. 

Now go treat yourself to a nice breakfast this morning. Bon appetit!