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Two Women Got Removed From A Flight By Guys In Hazmat Suits Because They Were So Hungover The Flight Attendants Thought They Had Coronavirus

Source - A London woman says she sparked coronaviruspanic on a plane headed to Heathrow Airport — by simply asking for aspirin for her boozy hangover headache.

Julia Walentin, a 26-year-old student, told Britain’s the Sun that she and a female pal had been flying home from vacation in Cambodia when they had a layover in Singapore and tied one on.

Before heading for the airport in Singapore to fly back to Britain, “I had been throwing up in the hotel because I hadn’t eaten and just had way too much [to drink],” Walentin said. “We had to be at the airport at 6 a.m., so we both had hardly any sleep, and I felt so hungover.”

She said the pair’s mistake came when they figured they might be able to land a seat upgrade on the plane by saying Walentin wasn’t feeling well. “I asked a steward if they had any [acetaminophen] and maybe somewhere to lie down, thinking they might put me in business class, and they asked me if I felt unwell,” Walentin recalled to the Sun.

Panic ensued, she said, despite her and her friend protesting that she had just had too much to drink the night before. “I tried to explain that I was just tired and hungover, but they moved everyone on my row away and made me lie down,” the woman explained of plane staffers.

“They also asked me to put a mask on and started taking my temperature [every 30 minutes], but the readings were really up and down. It was horrendous on a 14-hour flight...They told me that they were in touch with doctors on the ground at Heathrow [in London] and that they would be waiting for me. It was such a panic,” the woman told the Sun.

“They made everyone, including us, fill out forms stating where we had traveled from, our addresses and if we had symptoms...People were putting on double masks around me because they thought I had coronavirus.”

She said that once they landed, everyone else got off the plane first. The pair was then escorted off by doctors and firefighters in hazmat suits.

L-O-L. I genuinely cannot think of a worse way to spend a hangover than being accused of having coronavirus on a plane. I had a friend who wanted us to hike one morning during his bachelor party and that was bad, but this? This would be hell on earth. The only good thing that could come of it would be the possibility of getting an IV. But even then that wouldn't happen because no one would want to get near you. You're basically left to die until you land, then you have to wait on the plane while everyone else gets off. 

 I wonder if this is one of those situations that could've been solved if they had just communicated better. Like if they literally screamed, "I'M HUNGOVER!" would they have believed them? Or is the hysteria too high? Whatever the case, they ended up going with it once they left the airport. 

She said she and her friend were then sent to “a place near the airport that looked like it was under construction, with scaffolding on the outside.

“We were told not to open our blinds and not to tell our family and friends too much. Just to say that we were fine and would be home soon,” Walentin said.

“It was like a ghost town in there, and all the medics were wearing spacesuits,” she said of the quarantine facility

But Walentin said she and her friend ultimately found the perfect way to pass the time.

“We ordered room service — with Corona to drink,” she said.

Still, the staff there wasn’t taking any chances.

“They said they would knock three times, and we had to wait for one minute before opening the door,” she said. The UK currently has 36 confirmed cases of the virus though no deaths, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

They also seemed to have a good sense of humor. 

Get it? Hopefully these two ladies are recovered by now and remember, don't fly hungover.