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Did Spike Lee Get Denied From Entering Madison Square Garden For Tonight's Knicks Game?

Look, I don't know what the fuck is going on in this video. It certainly sounds like it could be Spike Lee and nothing involving James Dolan acting like a prick will surprise me anymore. But if Spike Lee was actually denied entry from Madison Square Garden despite being pretty much the Knicks unofficial mascot forever, on Leon Rose's first night as official Team President no less, the franchise is truly beyond saving. If you asked me which people I associate with the Knicks, Charles Oakley and Spike Lee would be at the top of my list. Which is why it seems CRAZY that James Dolan would have them both denied from entering his personal playground like some bratty kid and is likely just some mix up Spike had entering the arena. But if Dolan did deny Spike, he should be thrown from the fucking rafters of The World's Most Famous Arena.

Hey Leon, welcome to hell motherfucker!!!

UPDATE: Dolan is safe. For now.