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This Vlad Jr. Bomb Might Be The Hardest Hit Baseball Of All Time

I know this is from yesterday but I don't care, I'm just seeing it now and you need to as well if you haven't yet.  I searched up and down the internet for an exit velo but couldn't find one unfortunately... but this might very well be the hardest I've ever seen a baseball hit in my entire life, and I say that with zero embellishment.  Like, he had 2019's hardest hit ball of the year at ~119MPH off the bat:

And I truly think this spring training dinger was hit harder.  I am legit in awe, never have a seen a ball leave the park so fast.  If that netting wasn't up in LF then one of those cars is getting drilled without question.  

If this dude can keep his weight down and doesn't eat himself to DH he could be a superstar.  He was pretty good in his rookie campaign and entered The Show with ridiculous fanfare and expectations, so maybe everything clicks for him this year and he goes off for a batting title and 40 home runs.  He could be that good.