Barstool Best Bar Is Back For A Second Year

It may have slid under the radar a little bit last year, but the Barstool Best Bar competition last year was pure electricity. In what started as an incredibly friendly competition between viceroy accounts, turned into collusion at the highest level:

We saw Priyanka Chopra tweeting about it and mothers tweeting out "pre-baby booty pics" 

It all ended in East Carolina with a Sup Dogs victory, which of course resulted in Pup Punk and Carter Cruise coming together to put on one of the greatest nights of music known to man:

The entire process from start to finish was unpredictable and pure entertainment. I became attached to bars I had never been to. We are now ready for year 2. 

This time next week, the bracket will officially be announced. To make this entire process even more legit, it will be delivered by Grubhub, where you can eat you favorite foods and get rewarded. Check out Grubhub Perks to see all the exclusive deals you can claim from your on-campus restaurants!

The timeline will look something like this. 

March 9th: brackets announced

March 12th: voting begins

April 3rd: winner crowned

I can't wait.