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Brazilian Chicks Playing Soccer In Bikinis On A Slip And Slide Is One Of The Best Matches Of The World Cup Thus Far




What a perfect representation of Brazil. When I think of Brazil, this is exactly what I picture. Like when most of the world thinks of America they think of a fat guy on a Rascal scooter, eating McDonalds at Disney World and babbling about how the metric system is dumb. Well this is exactly what I think of when I picture Brazil, pure stereotypes… soccer and chick with fat asses in bikinis as a fat slum lord screams and orders them around. If only Vin Diesel was in the corner yelling “This is BRASIL!” is would be the perfect representation of the country, but as it stands it’s still a 9.



PS – Could use some Goal Line Technology on this one. Not sure the whole ball crossed the line.