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Papi Yelled At The Official Scorers Again Because A Hit Was Ruled An Error But Boy Is He Hard To Stay Mad At






I was writing this blog and was saying “What the fuck Papi? Why do you have to be such a childish dick sometimes? Why can’t you just always be the lovable, clutch home run hitter that I like instead of a guy who can be tough to defend?” but then in the middle of writing that he tied it up in the 10th with a solo shot so I was like “FUCKKKKKK ITTTTTTT DO YO THANG, PAPI!”



PS – As far as defending Papi’s press box move goes, I’m honestly pretty sure he has to be kidding or something. The best DH of all time standing on the steps of the dugout, pointing at the press box and giving them a thumbs down over a single is such a PREPOSTEROUS move that he has to be kidding.