Introducing CyberDust. The App That Does Everything Snapchat Promised To Do But Doesn't



So as everybody just saw last week we met with my boy Mark Cuban.  How did we manage to weasel our way in there?  Well Mark has basically invented a new app called Cyberdust and he knew the best way to spread the word was to get Pageviews involved.  So what is Cyberdust?  Well Cyberdust is an app that basically does everything Snapchat said it’s gonna do but doesn’t. What do I mean by that? Well in case you’ve been living in a cave Snapchat lied from the jump about their security and basically got sued by the FTC. So all those sexting pictures and vile shit you thought disappeared forever from the internet didn’t disappear at all.  Instead they are all stored. They are all capable of being retrieved. They can all be used against you in the future. And when that happens and you say “I thought my Snaps disappeared” that will be of no consolation. In other words it’s the exact opposite of Cyberdust. Nothing is stored anywhere. Once it disappears it disappears for good. Sure you can still screenshot it with an iphone just like on Snapchat but unlike Snapchat it doesn’t say your name on it so nobody knows who it is from. Bottomline is if you want to send shit without it coming back to haunt you then CyberDust is the only option. And since I say 100 things a day that could probably ruin my life  I’ve made the switch.