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This Julius Randle Lowlights Video Of Turnovers And Failed Spin Moves Is A Masterpiece Of Misfortune

"You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! I just do things. - The Joker" - Julius Randle

I fully realize that this blog is click poison for any Knicks that that enjoys their sanity or happiness. But I don't know if any Knicks fans that are still alive actually know what either of those two things feel like when it comes to watching their basketball team. 

So I had to blog this Julius Randle video because it's artwork. A simply perfect video about how one player averaging 19 and 9 can drive an entire fanbase infuckingsane even though they know what's coming before it happens by spinning into the paint like a bull in a china shop if a bull could actually walk on two legs. If they had to redo Randle's draft comp after this season, it would literally be nothing but rodeo bulls. Even the soundtrack of this video is perfect because not only does it match Randle's patented Spin Move Of Doom, but the facial reactions of a Knicks fan while watching this video match the facial reactions of the characters from The Hangover while they watch the missing camera's pictures with the same song playing in the background.

Shout out Flo Rida for creating such a versatile song and for creating such a simple name that still blew my mind when I realized it was just the word Florida with a space in it

My personal highlight of this nightmare isn't Julius Randle turning over the basketball in ways that James Naismith could not have even dreamed up or how a guy averaging 19 and 9 Instead, it was the announcers voices during every brutal play. Sure the announcers of Knicks opponents didn't really vary much. But you can actually hear the light go out in Mike Breen's soul at about midway through this video and it never comes back because he has seen enough of Randle during his one season as a Knick to know that watching Julius Randle dribble is like sticking your hand into a grab bag that has a live rattlesnake, a bear trap and a cupcake. There is a better than good chance you are going to walk away in pain, but you keep watching because you know something good can come out of it.

Now lets go to White Plains to see what Leon Rose thinks of this video!

Same, Leon. Same.