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Two Hyannis Bros Arrested For Celebrating US Victory Over Ghana Too Hard


HYANNIS Sometimes cops want to ask young adults “what in the Wide World of Sports were you just thinking?” Last night was one of those situations, where police received a call about a black Audi driving around downtown Hyannis with man sitting on the roof, legs dangling through the sunroof, waiving an American flag, and shouting “USA!” USA had just defeated Ghana 2-1 in day 5 of the World Cup…At least one witness phoned police after the Audi turned off Main Street and eventually onto South Street, traveling at speeds of 35 to 40 MPH… with a passenger still sitting on the roof holding a flag in such a way that it filled up with air and acted like a parachute… it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed.


First question is how long after the game ended did this happen? Are we talking minutes?  Because I feel like you have at least a 10 minute celebratory grace period in situations like these. I mean the entire country was celebrating and going bonkers. Jumping in your car and waving an American Flag is as American as it gets. Espeically on the Cape where I feel like everything is double American.  Obviously it’s a bit different if they were shitfaced, but the police report says they had beer in the car, but they didn’t get arrested for a DUI which makes me think they were sober. So basically they just got arrested for being too pro America. Probalby was a Ghananian who tipped of the cops. NARC city.



thanks to real cape