First Look At Handsome Hank's Punishment Shirt #Hankgate




So in case you missed it this is Hank’s punishment for being an Internet Troll.  These shirts are due to arrive tomorrow I believe.   I got him 14 shirts.   I even got him a 4th of July version so he can still support America.   Same shirt just red, white and blue.   Hank is forced to wear this at all times for 1 month straight unless he is in his house.  But everywhere else he needs to have it on.  If he goes swimming at the beach he has to be wearing the shirt.    If anybody sends me a picture of Hank not wearing the shirt he’s fired.  If I text him at 11:49pm on a Friday Night I expect a picture back in 5 minutes of him wearing the shirt.  Basically he can be randomly tested or screened at any time.    If he’s not wearing the shirt he’s gone.  All in all I think it’s a very fair punishment.