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Rick Barnes Says Kentucky Is The Most Underrated Team In The Country Because Rick Barnes Is A Smart Man Who You Can Trust

Sure I've been preaching this all month and no one seems to believe me. How about a Division I coach who was smart enough to recruit Kevin Durant? How about a Division I coach who put Grant Williams through fat camp to get him to the NBA? 

Because if you don't believe me, Rick Barnes is now saying Kentucky is the most underrated and underappreciated team in the country. If that's not good enough, he's calling them the 2nd best team in the country with Kanas. I, for one, can't spot a lie in here at all. Why would Tennessee - a team that HATES Kentucky - say such kind things about Kentucky? It's not like Tennessee is even near the bubble to do this for posture and hype up a game that means nothing for them now. 

Here's the thing - Kentucky will always be underappreciated. Everyone just assumes that they should be great every single year. No one will ever give Coach Cal the credit he deserves for developing guys and putting these guys in a position to win every single year. They are 24-5, on an 8-game winning streak and have won 12 out of 13. Yet somehow people still can't believe they are No. 6 in the country because of that game we don't mention anymore per Coach Cal. 

So if you don't believe me, I urge you to believe Rick Barnes - arguably the smartest coach you can listen to. I've always said that.