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City Code Keeps Hassling A Guy About His House So He Just Paints It Like The American Flag

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(Source)Brent Greer and his wife Catherine Greer stand in the shade as they talk with their two daughters on the front porch of their 110-year-old house in Bradenton, Florida, on June 6. The Greer’s have painted a U.S. flag on the side of their house to protest city code enforcement fines. Greer is upset that city code enforcement officers inspected his home in February after an anonymous complaint that a 15-foot-tall Christmas tree on his front porch had fallen over, he said. A code enforcement officer came to inspect, and Greer said, “My wife gladly took it down.” The officer went on to cite Greer for a list of violations including lack of screens on some windows, peeling house paint, yard debris, and some rotted and loose wood, according to a copy of the complaint provided by Greer. City officials could not be reached for comment. Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A code enforcement hearing is set for June 17 at which Greer said he could be fined $250 a day.



Love this move from Brent. City officials want to go on about your house looking like shit and fining you for it? OK, well now it’s just a huge American flag. Say something about it now. Go ahead, I dare you. Tell me my house looks like shit when it’s the Stars and Stripes, you can’t or you’re a terrorist. It’s officially the nicest house in Bradenton. Fuck all your mansions and shit, Old Glory House is the hotness. It’s called freedom of speech/freedom to have your house in a state of disrepair… that’s in the Constitution, look it up.