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UPDATE: Enhanced Audio Proves Brady Was Answering a Question About Jim Boeheim, Said "He's Got It."

I wanted with all my being to not have to post too many blogs about what Tom Brady did or did not say when Julian Edelman was taunting the world at the UNC - Syracuse game. I sincerely did not. Even as sports radio today in Boston has been one constant, steady stream of lip readers and body language interpreters and audiophiles and callers claiming to have supernatural, Jamie Somers hearing who say they know exactly what he said and meant. 

Thanks then, to NFL Network for making it so I don't have to. 

We know now beyond all doubt he wasn't responding to Edelman. He wasn't trying to send a message. Wisely, he was ignoring Jimmy Fallon. All he did was answer a question about the actual basketball game he was actually there to watch.

Of that there can be no doubt. It's indisputable. Anyone who says he was signalling some intention to leave New England is either committing the worst misinterpretation since Michaelangelo put horns on a statue of Moses because he confused the Hebrew word for "horns" and "glow," or they're flat out choosing to perpetuate a lie. Which won't stop people from pretending it's something else. The media hordes desperate to fan the flames of this non-troversy will keep doing what they do. They'll ignore this audio. Misinterpret a simple answer to a question about a baseketball coach. Reject your reality and substitute their own. 

But those of us who are reasonable, calm, rational people with functioning ears and no bizarre agenda to force the start of the Jared Stidham era know the truth. Like this other Jewish leader who, as far as anyone knows, also doesn't have horns: