Was The US’s Reaction To Beating Ghana The Greatest Over Reaction Of All Time?




I hate to be that guy. I really do. Like I want the US to win the World Cup. I want to beat Brazil in Brazil and dance on their heads. But the reaction to winning yesterdays game is so beneath the United States of America I can’t even stand it. We beat Ghana. Yeah I know Ghana has knocked us out of the World Cup the last 2 times. You know what else I also know? The state of Texas has 1 million more people than the entire country of Ghana. I know they had to ration out electricity to make sure people could see the game. Seriously we need to look ourselves in the mirror. We’re the god damn United States.  We’re a god damn world power.  We’re the only country ever to use an atomic bomb.  We’ve never lost a war.  I could probably show up in Ghana tomorrow, stick a Barstool flag in the ground and conquer them by myself.  (No offense Ghana)   And yet we’re celebrating like we just won our Independence by beating a legit 3rd world country in Game 1 of the World Cup group play. Come on America, be better than this!   We got to act like we’ve been there before 1 time even if we haven’t. I mean I love the passion and the celebration, but let’s save it until we at least eliminate somebody from the World Cup in the next round.


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