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Does This Look Like A Vermont Family Who All Got Arrested For Fighting Cops When They Weren't Allowed To Bring Their Knives Into Canobie Lake Park?



SALEM, N.H.Salem police say a Vermont family injured two police officers during an altercation at Canobie Lake Park on Monday afternoon. According to authorities, park security told the family they could not enter the park with the knives they were carrying on their belts, asking them to leave the weapons in the car. Park security said the family became extremely agitated, and two police officers were called to the front gate. Police said one of the family members grew even more agitated, and continued yelling profanities in front of crowds of guests, including families and children. After several warnings, he was told he was under arrest.While attempting to handcuff the man, several family members attacked the officers, including jumping on their backs, punching, kicking and grabbing for their weapons, according to police.Additional Salem police units responded, and five family members were taken into custody. At that point, the mother allegedly faked a seizure. She was treated by paramedics and released at the scene, according to police.


Ok I got 3 quick thoughts on this story. First I don’t care what anybody says faking a seizure to get out of trouble is still top 10 moves on the planet. Like it never gets old. That’s what Hank should have done when I told him to get out yesterday. Just start flopping around on the ground. No way I would have made him leave after that.

Second knives or no knives this family is WAY too old to be going on a family retreat to Canobie Lake Park. Listen I love Canobie Lake as much as the next guy (Still undefeated in the horse racing squirt gun game) but I stopped going when I was 12. Grow up.

Third I’m stunned no police officers got injured here. I mean Canobie Lake doesn’t exactly have the Navy Seals working the gates. You’d think a family of five with knives on them would have been to overpower 2 cops. Stunning that they held the gate.