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Great News: Tenacious D Is Finally Going Back On Tour

Source - With the presidential election around the corner, the stakes have never been higher for clinching those crucial states straddling blue and red. Just ahead of Super Tuesday, Tenacious D have announced a tour aimed at galvanizing the people of the purple states. 

Jack Blackand Kyle Gass are taking their comedy-rock act across the Midwest and down South on The Purple Nurple Tour. The duo follows in the footsteps of Bon Iver, who announced a string of shows in Wisconsin; both musical acts are partnering with 46 for 46, a campaign to rally voters to the polls through live concerts. 

“The Purple Nurple Tour” kicks off in Iowa on September 25 and wraps up with a blue-state detour to New York on October 9. Tickets go on sale March 6, with presale beginning March 4.

Red state, blue state, purple state - I don't give a shit. All I know is that Tenacious D is going on tour and for that I'm grateful. I just wish the country had divided itself sooner so we didn't have to wait until September 25th to hear them. Fuck Her Gently. Master Exploder. It's going to be great. 

Here's their release on Twitter: 

The Purple Nurple Tour with a whopping 35 retweets and 230 likes. Not sure why considering JB & KG are the best rock duo since Mick and Keith, but that's neither here nor there. Jack was asked why he's doing the tour and after he regurgitated his PR team's canned text literally said "with great rock comes great responsibility." And you know what? He believes it. I do too. Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 10:00 AM.