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Did You Know Who The AOL "You've Got Mail" Guy Was?

This video came out a few years ago, but I was browsing reddit looking for a blog and enjoyed it so I figured why not?

If you were alive during this time you undoubtedly remember this dude saying "You've Got Mail". But, to me and anybody else who is in my age-range never gave a shit about that. We weren't cruising AOL for a pop up joke email you get from your Dad or chain mail from your crazy Aunt. You were on there because you were surfing the web. Playing games on Looking at grainy nude pictures of WWF divas that you later found out were 100% photoshopped.

When you got interrupted in this process you heard this guys most damning catch phrase of them all which was a simple "Goodbye". You'd scream at the top of your lungs at your sibling who picked up the phone to kick you off because they ruined you going for your high score on some mini golf game. It was truly just the sound of doom and it's what instantly brought me back when I heard this guy talk for the first time.

Those were some days, man. You earned what you had on the web and didn't take those precious moments for granted because you never knew when your time online was coming to an end. 

P.S. - If you were an only child then you can piss off because you probably have no idea what this was like.