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Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie Added Some New Cast Members

(Variety) "Fresh off his first Oscar nomination, Antonio Banderas has joined Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the cast of Sony’s “Uncharted” adaptation.

Sophia Ali and “The 100” actor Tati Gabrielle have also boarded the film, sources tell Variety.

Ruben Fletcher (“Venom”) will direct the movie, closing a deal after he was reported as the top choice for the job in January. The long-gestating project follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who journeys across the world to uncover various historical mysteries. It is unknown who Banderas, Ali and Gabrielle will be playing in the film."

The Uncharted games are very cinematic, which makes me think that this film has a real chance to break the video game movie trend. Ruben Fletcher is a great director (Zombieland 1&2, Venom, 30 Minutes Or Less), and this cast is starting to round out nicely. The kicker is really going to be the plot (obv). The film is going to take place around a younger Nathan Drake, so maybe this will show how he go into the profession, his relationship with Victor, etc. I'm excited to see where this goes, even if it doesn't star my caked up king Nathan Fillion. Anyway, in the words of Carl, Enjoy Uncharted 1 (FULL CUTSCENE MOVIE).