The Most Mindblowing Fact I Found Out About Handsome Hank This Past Weekend Is That He Used To Trash Me in the Comment Section While Working Here (UPDATE - I Just Fired Hank. No Joke)



So this was by far the most mindblowing fact that I learned about Handsome Hank this weekend. Back in his early days he used to comment under the name “Frannie” and just eviscerate me, Big Cat and Feitlberg in the comment section. He loved KFC, but hated the 3 of us.  I’m talking just crushed us day in and day out. Like one second he’d be sitting in my office and the next second he’d be calling me a “Heeb” and inciting the trolls. And keep in mind this wasn’t a joke. Like he had no intention of ever stopping or telling us. The only reason he stopped is when another intern busted him because he was using his ex girlfriends email address. (Vintage Hank by the way) And apparently everybody in the office has know about it for months, but promised to keep it a secret from me because he almost cried when people found out. He even wrote me a long apology letter because he thought I was gonna fire his ass. (for the 3rd time) I honestly still don’t even know what to think or make of this move? I tried to go back and find all the shit he said but Hank went in and deleted it before I even knew this happened. It’s just Hank being Hank I guess? The only thing I’m left to do is try to let him explain it himself.


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Well that didn’t go as planned huh? Fucking Hank.  Just trying to figure out what he was thinking and he ends up digging a bigger hole and getting his ass fired. My hands are tied now too. He’s fired until I find out who helped him. I literally have no idea who he is protecting here or what he thinks is gonna happen when I find out, but somehow he managed to make something out of nothing yet again. More importantly how long till I find out? Feits guessed 3pm. I honestly have no idea, but I promise you he’s not working here till I do. My guess is whoever helped him admits it Angela style.