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Don't Worry About Bron Bron Getting Emasculated in the Finals Because Like He Said Before the Game “It’s Just Basketball”

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So this press conference was before tonight’s demolition job.  Anybody who watched it knew Bron Bron had already thrown in the towel and it’s everything that is wrong with him as a human. Listen is he a great player? Yes. Does he have an ounce of competitive spirit, pride or will to win? Not even close. I mean could you ever picture Bird, Jordan or Magic being asked why they are in such a jovial mood while being down 3-1 in the NBA finals? And how about his answer?  “It’s just basketball”  Yeah it’s just basketball.  Just the NBA Finals.  Ho hum.   No biggie.  Just how legacies are built.  .

Not exactly like when Larry called everybody sissies in 84 and fired his keys across the tunnel walking out.   Hell Bird basically forced Kevin McHale to stab Curt Rambis in the heart.  See that’s the difference.  That’s why the Heat rolled over like dead dogs tonight.  They know their leader thinks “it’s just basketball”.   It’s not the end of the world.  Bron Bron will forget about it within a couple minutes.  Meanwhile guys like Bird and Jordan became more more competitive the more they won. You’d have to claw their eyeballs out to take what was theirs.  Jordan was 6-0 in NBA Finals and was the Finals MVP every time.  Not Bron Bron though. He’s chill with it. Totally at peace getting his ass kicked.

The bottomline is this. Everything Bron Bron accomplishes is on talent alone. But he is a classic front runner.  Folds like a tent when things don’t go his way and he doesn’t even try to fight it.  He just accepts his fate. If he had 1/10 of Jordan or Birds competitive spirit he’d hands down be the greatest player who ever lived. As it stands he’s a guy who needed to join a superteam to win a title. He’s a guy who asks out of the NBA finals with cramps. He’s a guy who doesn’t take losing personal. He’s a guy who charges 20K to attend his birthday parties. He’s a guy who you don’t want on your side when the chips are down because he doesn’t even put up a fight.