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The State Trooper Who Arrested Roger Maltbie's Golf Cart Driver Yesterday Is Probably the Biggest Hardo On Earth



DM – NBC analyst Roger Maltbie’s golf cart driver has been charged with assault after running over a highway patrol officer at the US Open, officials said yesterday. Driver Tommy Lineberry allegedly refused to stop on the tee when ordered by a North Carolina Highway Patrolman, before driving over the officer’s foot at Pinehurst Golf Course yesterday. Incredible photographs show the patrolman chasing after the buggy before leaping on the back, gripping the 59-year-old driver’s neck and shoulders from behind. The bizarre incident occurred as US Open leader Martin Kaymer teed off on the 11th hole and the trooper was holding traffic behind a walkway. The officer allegedly told Lineberry, whose job was to drive Maltbie around the course, to stay put. He refused. An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the incident heard Lineberry tell the trooper, ‘I’m supposed to get the cart to Roger.’ The trooper, just inches from Lineberry’s face, responded: ‘When a state trooper tells you to stop, THAT’S what you’re supposed to do’. After arresting Lineberry, the trooper asked for any the names of witnesses, and three people in the gallery immediately handed him their business cards.


First of all it’s a known fact that State Troopers are collectively the biggest group of hardos on the planet. And the lesser the job they are doing, the bigger the hardo they tend to be. Like I swear the guy working beach patrol in Nantucket last year thought he was working a terrorist investigation or something. And nothing proves it more than this story. I mean just the hardo move to top all hardo moves here.  Umm bro it’s the US Open. You’re on a golf course. I’m pretty sure  Roger Maltbie’s golf cart driver can go wherever he wants whenever he wants.  Doesn’t matter if a state trooper tells him to stop or not. And how about this guy chasing him down and jumping on the back to arrest him? Straight fire hardo moves across the board.  I’d love to see this guy when he pulls somebody over for speeding.  Probably sticks his gun down their throat.