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I Just Found Out Ed Sheeran Sings "Sing" And It Blew My Mind



I think Ed Sheeran was on Jimmy Fallon the other night.   If it wasn’t that it was some other late night show that I saw while I was flying home from Dallas after meeting with Mark Cuban for lunch.  (HARDOOOOOO)   Seriously though it blew my mind that he sings this song.   I’m probably the only guy on earth who didn’t realize it but I’m just not sure there has ever been a bigger differential between coolness over the radio and coolness in person.  I mean I would have bet my life whoever sang this was ultra suave and slayed pussy left and right.  Nope.  It’s this freckle faced, fat ginger.   Yeah I know that Sheeran has been rumored to be with Selena Gomez and shit, but no way.   I don’t care how sexy his voice he can’t overcome that mug can he?   Seriously wear more flannel dude.  Dork city.  Guy can blow though I’ll give him that.

PS – Did I mention I know Mark Cuban?