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Will The Milky Way Galaxy Need An Enforcer In 4 Billion Years?

I mean....for fuck's sakes, can't we get anyone to step in there and defend the Milky Way a little? Don't get me wrong, I thought we handled ourselves pretty well there and ended up delivering a nice little reverse hit. But still. This fucker Andromeda has been lining up the Milky Way from 4 billion years away? At the very least, that's a charging. 

You'd just think there would be at least some sort of response if a much larger galaxy takes a run at your star player like that. I don't know how quickly things move in space so maybe it would take another billion years or so for the enforcer to step in there. But still. Can't say I like the optics on this one. To me it seems like the Milky Way Galaxy just doesn't have the right guys in the locker room to really go on a run here.