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Reader Email – Would You Rather Find Out Your Girlfriend Fucked A Guy Or Blew A Guy?

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Reader Email

To whomever it may concern -

Would appreciate your perspective on the following question; it’s been plaguing my circle of friends for too long.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s imagine that you found out your wife/girlfriend cheated on you. What’s the worse scenario:

a) Learning that she fucked another dude; or
b) Learning that she sucked dick?

It’s critical to note that in both cases the dude shoots where his dick is; so he’s either finishing in her box or her mouth.

Interested to hear your thoughts.



First of all this isn’t a real question because if a chick fucks another dude there is no way she didn’t blow him as well. However I’ll play along and live in fantasy world for a minute. If the question is what is what is easier to live with I’m picking full fledged sex 1 million percent of the time. That’s a visual I can handle. Sucking dick is a whole new ball game. That’s not sex. That’s a guy dominating a girl. That’s a guy taking out a white glove and slapping you across the face with it.  There is nothing worse than imaging your girl on her knees with her lips wrapped around another dude’s dick. There is no comeback for that. It’s not just the physical act, but it’s the power structure involved. It’s the peak of male existence. Just sit back and get serviced like a greek god. That’s why If I’ve said if I can pick sex or BJ I’m team BJ 64% of the time.   If that makes me a gayball than so be it.

What do the Stoolies think? Assume this is a real question. Would you rather find out your girl fucked a dude or gave a BJ to a dude. Oh and don’t give me this she spit it out routine either. She swallowed or worse got facialed.

Vote 1 for I’ll take penetration and 10 for I’ll take blowjob


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