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The Time Rob Gronkowski Pranked Roger Goodell on the Phone

This is March. Welcome to the best sports month of the year, and there is no better way to kick it off than with a Pardon My Take episode featuring recurring guest Rob Gronkowski. The last time Gronk joined the show, it was in NYC as he was slinging footballs with A-Rod on the streets of 7th Avenue. But this version of Gronk was Miami Gronk. The best part of this future Hall of Famer is that he's always good for a great story in his back pocket, and the one below is one he saved exclusively for PMT. As you may know, this past NFL season was the "NFL 100" season. And with that, the league compiled a list of the 100 best players of all-time a few months ago. Gronk was part of that list, and the way he found out was very Gronk-like.

Mr. Cat: The NFL 100 Team. I didn't watch it. We're gonna wait till July to watch it because we thought it was stupid for them to reveal it in December, we wanted to bait it. But I assume you made it?

Rob Gronkowski: Yes, I did make it. It was cool. It was an honor. It's the NFL Top 100 players of all-time and just to be in that category was just tremendous. It was a huge honor. And I actually have a great story that you guys will definitely like in how I got to know that I was in the NFL Top 100. You guys wanna hear a story?

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Yes. Breaking news. You've never told it before, right?

Rob Gronkowski: No, never told it before. And I was waiting for a time. I even asked my brother, and I'm like, I'm gonna save this story. So, here we go. So, I get a phone call from New York and it's no caller ID. And I'm just sitting there, like, man, I don't want to answer this phone call. But, you know, I'm bored, I'm sitting there debating it, so I don't answer. So then it calls back again and I'm like, sure I'll answer, whatever. I'm gonna mess around. Let me mess around with this phone call. So I answer, and I'm like HELLLLOOOOOOO, WHO IS THIS??? (in a very high-pitched voice). 

Roger Goodell: Hey Rob, this is Roger Goodell. Is this Rob Gronkowski?

Rob Gronkowski: And I was like, "HELLLLOOOOOOO, HELLLLOOOOOOO," and I'm just thinking, man, this is why I don't answer people pranking me. People pranking me.

Roger Goodell: Rob, this is Roger Goodell. I'm looking for Rob Gronkowski.


Roger Goodell: Is Rob Gronkowski there?

Rob Gronkowski: "HELLLLOOOOOO." And then I just hang up. And it ended up being him. And then I called him back, I called the office back that he told me to call. And he didn't bring up anything about that phone call.

Mr. Cat: That's amazing. 

Rob Gronkowski: I can't wait to bring it up. I can't wait to bring it up. I'm going to be like, "Yo, who did you think that was going "HELLLLOOOOOOO, HELLLLOOOOOOO, WHO IS THIS???"

Mr. Cat: I couldn't imagine Rob Gronkowski getting that honor in any other way. That's the perfect story.

I mean, if this story doesn't illustrate who Rob Gronkowski is, I don't know what else to say to you. Imagine the commissioner giving you a call to welcome you to one of the elite fraternities in all of sports, and you respond with a high-pitched voice not believing it is actually him on the other end. That's what you get with Gronk. You never know what's coming. The fact that Goodell didn't even bring up the phone call makes this all great, too.



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