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TV Doesn't Fit In Your Trunk? Not A Problem If You Have A Ride Or Die Chick!

There is nothing I hate more than paying for delivery. Eating healthy and the owners of my sports teams is up there. But my hatred for paying for shipping trumps all that. I'm pretty sure Jeff Bezos broke my brain when Amazon started offering free shipping on every order over $25, which just ensured I would add whatever I had to in my cart to avoid a $5.99 charge. Same goes for food delivery. I don't mind tipping the delivery person at all because people in the service industry deserve every dollar they work hard for. But if I have to pay a deliver fee to a restaurant, I am ordering from the pizzeria down the street with one less Yelp star that offers free delivery. I don't even care if companies hide the delivery fee in the pricing of their products. As long as my dumb brain doesn't see that it is paying for shipping, it is happy. 

Which is why I applaud the good old fashioned American ingenuity of the couple in this video for saving a buck once they realized that TV wasn't fitting in that car. I guess you can make the case that a human life is worth more than the 6-pack of beer this guy would have had to buy for his buddy with a pickup to come to the store and get that TV for him. But what's the point of having a literal Ride or Die chick with you, ready to ensure the safe transportation of your sweet new TV by showing off balance that would make Tony Hawk jealous while holding onto the trunk? As the old saying goes, if the TV don't fit, in the trunk the girl must sit! That rhymes, so you know it's true.