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This Redneck Dodgers Fan from WV Who Got Arrested At the Reds Game Even Though He Was Already Banned From the Great American Ball Park in 2008 May Sneaky Be The Craziest Undiscovered Talent on the Internet



Cincinnati.com – A West Virginia man known for his rabid support for the Los Angeles Dodgers is in jail accused of crimes at Great American Ball Park. Troy Sexton, 40, of Hurricane, West Virginia, is at the Hamilton County Justice Center after he was arrested Tuesday night at the Reds game, six years after being banned from Great American Ball Park after his involvement in a fight caused so much commotion that it delayed the game. Sexton came to the Reds game, court documents note, despite being banned following a 2008 arrest at the park. This time, court documents note, Sexton “was coming to the ball park to ‘shatter lives’ the next couple days.”


Poor Troy Sexton. Guy just wants to enjoy a nice day at the ballpark, root for the Dodgers and shatter some lives.  What’s wrong with that?  Seriously though do you know how hard it is to be an undercover lunatic nowadays with the advent of the Internet and things of that nature?  Like almost every crazy person gets discovered and becomes pseudo celebrities. This guy has somehow flown under the radar. Just making insane youtube videos and creating melees in the crowd for the past decade. Getting banned from ballparks left and right and just showing up and causing more chaos. You almost got to respect the hustle. The only thing I’d say is I don’t know whose kids those were in the video but I probably wouldn’t let them be involved in any more of this guys Rocky IV montage videos. Just didn’t feel right to me.