Tilly Tykes: We Had An All-Time Donnybrook At This Youth Hockey Game In Kazakhstan

Atta way, boys. I know that Kazakhstan might not be a traditional hot bed nation for hockey but I'm glad to see they're starting to teach them to play the right way at a young age. Let the fellas police themselves out there. Old time hockey. Eddie Shore. Sometimes you just need a good tilly to get the squad fired up, sometimes you need to scrap just to defend your own honor and keep everyone else honest out there, and sometimes you just need to chuck some knucks because you're not going to let the game turn into ice soccer. Nothing gets the boys buzzing quite like a full blown line brawl. 

The only thing that might get you more fired up than the fight itself was the commentary here. I mean what are the odds that 1) there's play-by-play for a hockey game with a bunch of 9-year-olds and 2) that the most perfect commentator imaginable was on the call. He matched their energy from start to finish. When he just lost it after the linesman decided enough was enough and he was just going to pick these snot-nosed brats up off the ice himself?

Between the hysterical laughing and calling one of the kids Connor McGregor, this announcer was born for this very exact moment. 

Great scrap, they left it all out there on the ice and the situation resolved itself in the end. That's hockey right there. That's what playing the game with heart looks like. Almost brings a tear to my eye.