The Biebs Just Mind Fucked The Shit Out Of Selena By Instagraming His Love For Her Then Promptly Deleting It



DM – It seems Justin Bieber just can’t let Selena Gomez go. Just as it seemed the Baby singer had finally moved on, he posted an Instagram of himself with his ex on Wednesday, writing: ‘Our love is unconditional’. But it seems he still hasn’t made his mind up, with the 20-year-old almost instantly deleting the picture, which showed his head being cradled by 21-year-old Selena. Despite the deletion his more than 16 million followers on Instagram captured the image and reposted it. It’s certainly not the first time Justin has declared his affection for on-and-off girlfriend Selena via Instagram.

Oops Bieber did it again! Just a diaboloical Instagram/delete game. And before Big Cat says only girls post shit and then delete it let me just tell him to wake up.  Bro knew exactly what he was doing here. Just mind fucking the shit out of poor Selena. Like isn’t Selena on Sabbatical in Africa or something? Just chilling with Ethiopian kids, elephants and shit trying to forget about the Biebs.  And then just when she thinks she’s clean the Biebs slips her the dick juice via Instagram. Ruthless.   There is no way she didn’t see this either. I don’t care what poor 3rd world country she’s in.  They may not having running water over there, but they definitely got Instagram. Poor Selena. Looks like it’s back to Dr. Drew.


Do they have any Bieber Detox facilities in Zimbabwe?

ofuckf fucksele