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Look At The Balls On This Kid

I told you guys it was championship week in my Wake Up and you probably didn't believe me. That was stupid. I'm a man of my word when I can keep it and this time I'm telling you I got a huge bowling championship Wednesday night and I need to get the mind ready via content. 

This time around we got a 9 year old dragging his balls all over the 5-pin like he's Pete Weber in 1971 YMCA league play. 

And I know people want to criticize this little boy because the oil patterns are obviously a joke. But I don't lean into that kinda prepubescent hate online. I want to double down and ask this boy to sub for me. But not really because I take league play serious and I don't need his dad hanging around the ball return giving little pump up speeches that I overhear after I leave a frame open. That would get me pissed off and I can't go on tilt but same time I want to show this kid some respect. So here's a blog. 

You got a bright future kid. Bowling is making a comeback and you'll be the guy taking home the babes and the hardware and the big checks when we get there. Congrats in advance.