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A 28-Year Old Man Was Tricked Into Being A Mascot Reserved For Children At An English Soccer Match

[Source] - It was only when they warned him to stop guzzling pints that he noticed something was up.

After being handed the full kit by staff members at Cambridge, his mates further gave him boots, shinpads and a captain's armband. Along with a fellow five-year-old mascot, he then stepped out on to the field in front of 4,500 people alongside goalkeeper Callum Burton

Classic stag hijinks. That's where we gotta start. Listening to British people talk will never be weird. Calling a bachelor party a stag? I think I kinda like that move though. It just seems more daring. That said, British people just drink all the time, so this seems like a weird stag. Going to a small soccer game, hitting the pub. I think that's just a Saturday across the pond. 

Now typically I hate this sort of thing. I'm very anti-shtick when it comes to a bachelor party. Just go, drink a whole lot, hang out at bars, maybe hit up a strip club or casino, play a round of golf Friday morning and do a decent dinner either Friday or Saturday night. That's it, that's what I like in a bachelor party. I don't need any of those stupid t-shirts. I don't need pranks. I don't need dumb shit like that. That said, the guy played into this perfectly. 

Rishab, from Essex said: “The players were just p*****g themselves laughing.

“I decided to just go for it. I thought now I’m into this, I might as well make the most of it.

“It was a great experience, meeting the players and the other match mascot who was five - which was pretty embarrassing.”

That's the only play you have when you're this guy. You can't be pissed. You can't try and be embarrassed. You have to play into it and put on a damn show. Embrace the moment and flip the prank on your friends. You can't let them see you rattled. That only encourages them more. 

Part of me wishes this wasn't like 4th league English soccer. Need this to happen during a Champions League or Euro 2020 match.