Feel Great College Hoops Highlight: Gonzaga Manager Who Was Paralyzed In 2014, Walks For The First Time On The Court For Senior Night

Yep, this is the feel-great story. We've reached that time of the year where we have Senior Night all throughout the country and you get everything from family surprising a player, proposals and guys hitting buckets. But, this? This tops it all. Mac Graff was paralyzed just a few years ago after a hunting accident. What did he do? Oh just busted his ass for 2 years in physical therapy so he could walk on the court just one time for Senior Night. 

Talk about an all-time Senior Night surprise. Graff apparently didn't tell anyone what he was planning on doing, which is why the crowd and team went crazy. Hell, the story was supposed to be how Rui Hachimura returned to Gonzaga to celebrate Senior Night since he left early for the NBA Draft. Nope. Mac Graff is the story. Just awesome and part of the reason why there's nothing like college sports. 

Sorry, but we're doing tears today.