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No Matter How Much LeBron Begs And Pleads, I Will Never Kiss His Ass. Won't Even Think About It - That's A Promise

Hey, LeBron, take it easy. I promise you I will never, ever kiss your ass. Pretty sure it's in my contract anyways. But what is this argument? There's not one person in the world who thought it was a sign of weakness that he dapped up Zion after the game. It happened AFTER in a win. That's normal. What we're going to do is mock you when you do this shit after losing and say things like this. If anything this is LeBron being LeBron and making it all about him. The game last night was AWESOME - both stars delivered. 

That's what we should be talking about here. Instead LeBron went on some random tirade about how people get pissed that he's a mentor. At some point he just needs to understand this is 2020. People are going to make fun of him for doing this no matter what. But you don't need the attention all the time. Again dap up Zion and then talk to him in the hallway or on the phone. It's 2020 - you have his number. 

At some point LeBron needs to embrace being a villain too. He missed out when he was in Miami and got another chance in LA. Instead he keeps doing this wishy-washy bullshit, where he wants to be buddy-buddy with everyone and then lashes out when we make fun of him. Just embrace it dude. 

Just know that I promise everyone I will never kiss LeBron's ass, even if there's a fire.