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Have To Respect This Troll Job From Brad Pitt's Red Carpet Attacker

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(Source)The former Ukrainian TV presenter charged with attacking Brad Pitt at a movie premiere last month wore a shirt with the actor’s picture on it as he serves his community service sentence. Prankster Vitalii Sediuk was pictured on Wednesday wearing a Pitt-centric tank top underneath his orange vest while cleaning up Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Sediuk was sentenced to 20 days of community service after allegedly punching Pitt as he walked the red carpet for the Maleficent movie premiere on May 28.



Look everyone hates trolls. They’re annoying pond scum who think of themselves as far more entertaining than they are in reality. But having said that, golf clap to Vitalii Sediuk on this move. Even when I genuinely hate everything someone stands for, I can still admit if they’ve done something funny. Vitalii did that here. Oh I have to do some community service for attacking Brad Pitt? K, I’m gonna do it in a tank top emblazoned with a shirtless Brad Pitt. Suns out, guns out, Pitt’s abs out mothafukaaaaaaa.