I Am Not A Fan Of This Kid Who Graduated North Attleboro High And BCC At The Same Time



(Source)Jack LaPlante of North Attleboro is not your typical high school graduate. Before even receiving his high school diploma, or walking at North Attleboro High School’s graduation ceremony last Friday, 18-year-old LaPlante was already a college graduate, receiving an associate in arts, general studies degree, summa cum laude, with a GPA of 3.84 from Bristol Community College in Attleboro. LaPlante was one of the many graduates who received degrees from the local community college May 31. He first began taking night classes during his sophomore year in high school. When his junior year came around, after successfully completing his first two dual enrollment classes at BCC the previous year, LaPlante and his mother Veronica decided it would make more sense for him to complete his high school education as a full-time student at BCC. “High school wasn’t offering enough for me, it wasn’t fulfilling,” LaPlante said. “And, I didn’t like the way the schedule was. It was like no one wanted to be there, no one wanted to learn.” LaPlante will attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the fall, entering as a junior, and will pursue a major in computer science.



When I first saw this story I wasn’t really going to say anything because if you want to make high school more difficult for yourself then all the power to you. But then I got to the end of that story and I saw Jack LaPlante get on his high horse and start taking shots at the rest of his classmates. “I was like no one wanted to be there, no one wanted to learn.” Reeeeeeelax bro. It was fucking public high school dude, what do you want? No one wants to learn in college either. No one ever wants to learn until they’re about 25 and realize they’re stuck at a dead end job. Then they think, “Fuck I wish I was smarter.” If you think you’re going to stroll onto campus at UMASS and find 25,000 kids with their noses buried in the binder of a book then you’ve got another thing coming. And at the end of the day these classes weren’t at Harvard, they were at BCC. So really what you did was go finish high school without ever hanging out with your friends at night and you shaved the best four years of your life down to two. So, congrats?