Wake Up With Albert Belle Hit Sticking Fernando Vina Into Tomorrow

This play is one of the best athletic plays I've ever seen. Not from Albert Belle hitting Fernando Vina with the force of a freight train, because of Fernando Vina popping right back up and jawing right back to Belle. Albert was just trying to break up a double play, but he was also trying to send Vina into left field, and boy did he almost do that. Forearm shiver and everything. Vina tried to lay a soft tag on Belle, and he paid the price. Belle trots off the field and Vina is right there and seems ready to throw fists, it's probably best that he didn't because I don't know if its possible to have 2 separate concussions in less than 13 seconds. Belle picks up his helmet, says a few words but trots off the dugout like nothing happened, and that seems pretty standard for Albert. If that happened today we're probably emptying the benches, bullpens, everything. He didn't even get checked for a concussion. Not here, Vina got his hat, put it back on, and was ready to go. Idk if that shows that Vina was a bad teammate and no one wanted to stand up for him, or if no one wanted to get their head beat in by Albert Belle, I'll go with the latter.