Everything About Brazil Hosting The World Cup May Be A Disaster But At Least They Have Topless Chicks






OK so maybe Brazil has 240 mile traffic jams and didn’t build subway systems they said they would. Maybe they spent 270 millions dollars on a soccer stadium that will be used for four games and will end up losing billions of dollars while hosting a month long tourney. And sure, the airport workers in Rio went on strike today so that will be a DISASTER. Sure, dengue fever is a legitimate threat to everyone down there along with the rioting and everything else that goes with a third world country. But, hey, tits.



PS – According to Google that sign says “Kiss my tits, Ronaldo.” That’s an indecent proposal that’s difficult to pass up.




PPS – This is (not) the Japanese team’s plane. I guess I’m just surprised that it’s Pokemon and not weird fetish porn?


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.32.48 PM


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.31.48 PM