Little Girl Throws A Shit Fit When Her Dad Steals Her Nose, Never Actually Had Her Nose Stolen


What an IDIOT this little girl is.  Am I right?  Hey news flash hun, your Daddy didn’t really steal your nose.  It’s been sitting on your stupid face the whole time.  All you had to do was touch your face one time during that epic meltdown and you would’ve realized that.  So dumb.  Maybe even look in a mirror.  But nope.  She’d rather lash out irrationally and place blame somewhere else like every other kid out there.  Can’t fend for themselves.   How dumb is she gonna feel when she looks back on this tape in a few years and sees her nose hanging on her face the whole time?  Talk about embarrassment.  She might never recover from that.  All of those tears and accusations of theft for nothing.


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.21.00 PM


PS- English accents are cool.