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My Friend Did Well At The NFL Combine Today, So I'm Going To Brag About Him

That's right folks. One of Fishers, Indiana's finest, Southern Illinois University's finest, and a friend I grew up playing football with, Jeremy Chinn, dominated the Combine! I'm no expert in how the Combine scores are measured, but I can assure you Jeremy put on a show today. From being his waterboy at Fishers High School for 3 years, his performance today didn't shock me at all. 

Jeremy was one of the hardest working kids to come out of the Fishers Football program. We've had a few guys who received Big 10 offers and had God given talents, but they were lazy as fuck and chose to smoke and drink instead. The only thing that still surprises me to this day is his transformation. Or as the kids say, his "glow up". 

Jeremy and I back in 2014. I was the same height as I am now (5'9").

Now he's a 6'3" 221 pound MAN! He's got 6 inches on me in height, and probably in dick too. I'll never get over his growth spurt! He was a 5'6" running back in junior high, and now he's a 6'3" top prospect safety. All the girls called him cutie in the hallways, now they're calling him Daddy. 

Fishers, IN has produced a little bit of NFL talent. Joe Reitz, Randy Gregory, and myself. Joe had a solid career with the Colts, Randy Gregory can't STAY OFF THE WEEEEED in Dallas, and I was a damn good ball boy for the Colts! Jeremy has a shot at being the first kid from Fishers High School to play in the NFL. Keep an eye on this kid and check out his college highlights if you want to see what the hometown hero is all about. I can't wait for draft day!