Here Are All The Sexy Pictures That Pam Anderson Used To Send Her Ex-Boyfriend

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(Source)The series of snaps includes her first ever topless photo – taken before she appeared in Playboy. Pamela sent the pictures, taken by a friend of the teen, to Ty as a saucy gift. He recalls: ‘I was blown away. Pamela had a fantastic body and I was a very, very lucky guy. That was her first rookie shoot, she looked hot. ‘By the time she was 18, the curves that made her famous were pretty well developed and we enjoyed a very physical relationship. ‘And when you’re that age and your girlfriend sends you topless and lingerie photos – what would any boy think?’




Pam Anderson, everybody! Probably the greatest sex symbol of our generation. We all knew she was in on sex tapes before they were cool but little did we know she was all about that sexting life too. I mean nowadays a nude pic is like a handshake, people send them to everyone just because they’re bored. But Pam was on this game way back in the day. She was the sex trend creator. Nude pics, road head, getting fucked on film, boob implants… Pam has been on the forefront of taking it all mainstream. I might go out and get myself some Hep C right now just because she has it. If it has to do with sex and Pam Anderson thinks it’s cool, who am I to say she’s wrong?



PS – You know this guy just sits in dark bars and talks about how he used to fuck Pam Anderson all day long. That’s what he does with his entire life. Total high school hero.


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