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Jim Calhoun - Yes, That Jim Calhoun - Just Won A Championship With A School That Didn't Have A Team THREE YEARS Ago

I know we typically don't blog D2 or D3 unless something absolutely wild happens or I want an announcer fired. I stand by that. We're going to chalk this up as something crazy. Jim Calhoun at 77 years old just took the University of Saint Joseph - not the one that Delonte West and Jameer Nelson put on the map - to a conference title and a trip to the NCAA Division III Tournament. So, why is this crazy? 

The school didn't even accept males until 2016. They didn't have a team until 2 years ago. It's a private school in the middle of a Connecticut suburb. None of it makes sense, except you have a Hall of Fame coach and a top-5 college hoops coach of all time still out here doing this. They were 16-12 in year 1 which is pretty significant too. The dude is a lifer when it comes to coaching. You could hear it when he’d call games on ESPN. He’d sit there mumbling about what he saw and you can just hear the coaching coming through. I loved listening to him, even if you couldn’t understand him half the time.

No word on if he had a Ryan Gomes/Emeka Okafor situation here yet though.