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Julian Edelman And Tom Brady Confirm That He Is Staying in New England. Media Twists It To Say He’s Leaving. Mike Vrabel Caught Tampering. Did I Miss Anything?

So by now I’m sure most people saw the clip of Julian Edelman and Tom Brady sitting front row at the Syracuse basketball game yesterday. The cameras panned to Edelman who clearly mouths “He’s Staying” to which Tom Brady shakes his head and gives a wry smile and says “This Guy”. The connotation can’t be clearer. Like “way to blow my secret Julian…I wanted to tease other teams and make them wine and dine me during free agency for a couple weeks before leaving them high and dry at the alter…haha” Now lots of media outlets are trying to say that Brady said “I’m Not” because that’s what the anti Patriot establishment does but it’s obvious he said “this guy.” Bottomline is just like I’ve been saying from day 1 Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. His friends know it. His teammates know it. He knows it. But that’s not even the point of this blog.

How disturbing was it that seconds after this clip aired Mike Vrabel facetimed Brady and tried to convince him to come to Tennessee? An eagle eyed Stoolie caught this on video and sent it to me. Umm this is tampering plain and simple. NFL free agency doesn’t begin till March 18th. Vrabel should not be on the phone trying to interfere with his decision. I mean imagine if the Pats did this? We’d lose all our draft picks for the next decade. Yet nobody seems to care when it’s another team. It’s disgusting. Typical Taylor Lewan behavior. Very disturbing.

Now for the kids in the back…