Ex-Wife Appears To Be A Little Upset With Her Husband So She Takes A Hammer To His Car




Kudos to this guy for keeping a straight face throughout this scene because that was pure comedy. I think every guy has been in a similar position with a girlfriend or ex, where she’s pissed off but you can’t really tell if she’s serious. Like you just stare at them, a bit confused, while you chuckle and ask “What are you doing?” I guarantee in this chick’s head she thought this act would play out like the Carrie Underwood song and she’d dig her keys into the side of his pretty little souped up Mazda Miata but instead she just looks like a 4 year old playing with a Bob the Builder toy set. But that’s how girls are. There’s no middle ground with them. They’re either cute angry or they’re stab you in the throat with a kitchen knife angry.