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What The Hell Happened Again: Every Single Thing You Need To Know NINE Ranked Teams Losing On College Hoops Saturday

What an absolute perfect Saturday as we head into March. We had upsets. We had near upsets. We had teams clinch conference championships. The clock has turned to March and we are officially in the greatest time of the year. It really summed up this year in college hoops. There were awesome games with some terrible basketball and even worse officiating. You have teams trying to figure out just how good they are (looking at you Michigan State) while others are starting to collapse. Either way, maybe you were out drinking. Maybe you were getting married in Vegas. Either way, here's everything you need to know about a Saturday in college hoops: 

Top-25 Scores

If you're a Maryland fan, this is why you can't win a title 

The headliner yesterday was probably Michigan State/Maryland and it showed Maryland's biggest problem. They give up a massive run every single game, whether they go down early or get up big and then let teams in it. Jalen Smith was awesome, that's not a surprise. But who else can show up consistently? I know people will say Anthony Cowan, but do you trust him for 6 games against top competition? What about a 3rd guy? This is all part of the reason I've been hesitant to ever trust this Maryland team. This was the biggest home game for Maryland in years and they just laid an egg. 

What to make of Michigan State? 

Honestly, nothing really changes for them. Cassius Winston can still take over a game any time he really wants and he's the reason why they can win a title. Xavier Tillman is that 2nd guy and is starting to become more consistent - remember he had those struggles on the road a month or two ago. Here are the two factors for MSU. If Rocket Watts can continue to be this guy that he's been recently as a 3rd scorer they will be a top-15ish team again. The other important thing is Malik Hall. He was awesome last night like he was against Seton Hall. The biggest loss from last year was Kenny Goins and his ability to be that playmaker at the 4 spot and stretch the floor a bit while being a great defender. They've struggled finding that this year. 

West Virginia is going to be the team we all laugh at from a month ago 

Remember when the committee put out the top-16 a month ago? West Virginia was in there as a 2 seed! They are, uh, well they aren't good. They got BLASTED at home yesterday by Oklahoma. The knock on WVU was they couldn't win away from home, well what about this? This is what happens when you don't have any guard play. Every year there's one team in the top-16 reveal that doesn't make any sense. This was the case for WVU this year. At the same time this seems to have locked up a bid for Oklahoma. They are staying on the right side of the bubble and with how deep the Big 12 is, they should avoid any bad loss. They are now closer to a 9/10 seed. 

Keep an eye on Udoka Azubuike's health

I don't think Udoka Azubuike is the most important player in the country, but he's arguably the most important on the best team in the country. He was able to come back in the game and help lead Kansas back over Kansas State. They get De Sousa back here, but if Doke can't go or gets limited at all that's a massive blow. He's improved so much on defense to where he's not getting torched defensively like Nova did to him in the 2018 Final Four. 

Florida State had a chance to nearly lock up the ACC, instead this happened


All Florida State had to do was win at Clemson, Notre Dame and BC at home and they'd be outright ACC champs. And just like that - in the matter of a Tyus Edney layup - they are now tied with Louisville a game up on Duke and Virginia. 

Speaking of Duke 

Duke lost for the 3rd time in 4 games - all 3 to unranked teams. They are simply not figuring it out and regressing as we head to March. Such a shame. I've said it before, but they have a similar problem to Maryland in that they don't have a consistent 3rd guy. Not only that but K has no idea what his rotation should be or what he wants it to be. 

Uh, so, UCLA keeps winning and is leading the Pac-12

I don't know man, you figure it out. This team was 7-6 with a loss to Cal State Fullerton heading into conference play. They just swept Arizona. They are 19-11 overall and a .5 game up on Oregon in the Pac-12 standings. They are even alive for an at-large spot! The question was never could Mick Cronin coach, it was always how would he survive the UCLA expectations and recruit there. But this year is kinda ridiculous in terms of the turnaround. 

Shaka Smart may have actually saved his job and changed the coaching carousel 

So, uh, Texas is somehow winning games. In fact they even went on the road and beat Texas Tech last night and now Texas is still alive for an at-large. Shaka and Texas were dead to rights a few weeks ago when they lost by roughly 430 to Iowa State. Now they are sitting on the bubble. If they get into the NCAA Tournament, you may see Shaka save his job and completely change the way the coaching carousel. 

Providence is one of the hottest teams in the country

Remember this team from November? They were losing to every single dogshit team they played. Now they beat Nova on the road yesterday - yes, I understand that Gillespie was banged up - and put themselves on the right side of the bubble. They've won 6 of 8 and are figuring shit out. Plus, Ed Cooley is a top-1 dresser in the game. 

Kentucky won the SEC 

Like there was any doubt. Immanuel Quickley and Nick Richards have developed into legit stars and don't look now, but Tyrese Maxey is starting to play like the top-10 pick he's going to be. 2 games left and they clinched the SEC regular season outright. Some are saying this halfcourt shot, which triggered a 21-3 run was the spark. 


Oh yeah, Baylor lost

Feel like that is somehow lost because of everything going on in the middle of the day. But Baylor ended up blowing a lead on the road to TCU. It felt like they were kind of due for that sort of performance. I do think Baylor is the 2nd best team in the country, but this is what happens when you don't have a true star. They don't have that topend talent and lack of NBA guys. That's part of the reason why the offense can get stagnant. They need to get right before the Big 12 Tournament, but yeah they lost. 

Myles Powell is still awesome

We had Markus Howard vs Myles Powell for the last time in the regular season and Powell delivered. He dropped 28 on the road while Howard had 37. More importantly it kept Seton Hall a game up over Creighton with games vs Nova and at Creighton left. Powell is one of those dudes that when he gets going, is so damn fun. We just need Gus on the call for him so we get the 'WHAT TRENTON MAKES, THE WORLD TAKES' scream. 

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