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The social event of the summer is almost here. Just a few days until young Hank turns 21 and becomes a man. Thanks to our friends at Tablelist we’re going to be celebrating this gala at The Estate. Chicks are coming down from the highlands to party with the Handsome One. All fighting over each other to get a seat next to the man of the hour. Individual tickets are on sale for Hankapalooza through the Tablelist app. 15 bucks per girl. 20 for dudes.  (We have nothing to do with this. It’s pretty much typical cover for Friday night) And yes you can also buy tables. If you don’t have enough people for a full table Tablelist also has an option that lets you customize tables so if you don’t have 6+ people you can still do it.

P.S. We still have the promo code going on if you download the app and enter the promo code barstool you can get $50 off a table for Hankapalooza or any other night you choose at any place on the app.

Double PS – If you’re a smoke and want to come party with us just email us It’s my job to make sure Hank is surrounded by 10’s that he can work game and probably puke on all night.