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Must Watch: Washington OT Trey Adams Gave The Most Honest Answer You Will Ever Hear During A Draft Combine Interview Or Pretty Much Anywhere Ever

See this tweet?

I am officially throwing away all the fancy numbers from the underwear olympics as well as any poor game film and the litany of injury concerns about Trey Adams. I believe Trey Adams has what it takes to make it in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE because he has the perfect name for a football player and the honesty of Abe Lincoln. Put those two things together along with the talent of a first round pick and we can make things work. If Trey is willing to answer a routine question about what he could change about himself with the type of candor that could knock the guy asking the question off his chair during a pre-draft interview, Trey will give you a sincere answer about how he is truly feeling on a gameday when the franchise quarterback's health is in his hands. There is no guess work when it comes to Trey Adams. He's just a man with a big heart and undersized dick that is trying to make it to the pinnacle of his profession, no matter how much the rest of his body is refusing to cooperate. Don't get it twisted though, if he could change anything in the world, he'd want a bigger dick instead of a healthier back or knees. 

There will be plenty players that measure better than Trey in the combine workouts and even more that measure better than him in things they do not test at the combine. But no matter what your team's policy is on investing in a player based on how he exercised in Indy, there is no denying that honesty is the best policy. Benjamin Franklin said that so you know it must be true.

P.S. Samesies