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Woman Beats The Shit Out Of Her Boyfriend While He's Sleeping Because He Said Something Bad About Her During A Dream

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(AP)Police in Montana say a woman kicked and struck her boyfriend with a shotgun because he said bad things about her in his sleep. Police tell the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that 24-year-old Sara Ann Bade of Willow Creek was arrested at her home at about 2 a.m. Monday. She appeared in Gallatin County Justice Court that morning on a felony charge of assault with a weapon. The boyfriend tells police the two were sleeping when he awoke to Bade kicking him and telling him he was talking in his sleep and saying bad things about her. He said she also shot out his front tire and smashed his windshield when he tried to leave. He wasn’t seriously injured.



Oh man this is just about one of my worst fears ever. Honesty. I’m terrified of talking in my sleep and revealing who I actually am to a chick. Because that’s what guys are, we’re big fat liars. We’ll tell you that dress looks good when it doesn’t, or we’ll say that the girl at work was being a bitch when it was clearly your fault, or we’ll say that your hot friend isn’t prettier than you. We lie. We’re trained dogs who know what to say and when. But in REM cycle? Well that’s when all our honest thoughts come out. That’s when we dream that we’re at an orgy with Nina Agdal. That’s when we think about having sex with your hotter friend while you’re off somewhere else wearing that horrible dress. That’s when men are primal and honest with themselves. And that’s a side I just cannot risk a woman seeing.