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Stop Me If You've Heard This Before, But That Overrated Duke Team Lost To An Unranked Team Again

Stop me if you've heard this before, but Duke - the most overrated team in the country this season - just lost to an unranked team for the second time this week. Sure, this one is more understandable than losing to Wake Forest, but Duke was favored. This is what happens though when you don't have a consistent 3rd player, you're 4 can't guard anyone in the world that can walk and too many of your wings are one dimensional. It's been talked about non stop but it's pretty much just contain Tre Jones/Vernon Carey and dare others to beat you. They can't. This Duke team simply isn't good. That's what makes the talk of them as a potential 1 seed even more hilarious. They only have 4 quad 1 wins. It's not like they are beating great teams, they are relying on that Kansas win on the FIRST NIGHT of the season as to why they should be there. I mean look at what Jay Huff did to them tonight.

Jay Huff! It's a beautiful day when Duke loses though. Just a perfect, beautiful day. 

Can't wait to see what excuse that rat face K uses for this bum team now.